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2008-05-26 00:19:05 by Tootbook

I may be giving up sprites sooner than i think, I'm thinking once i'm done with this flash i'm just gonna start drawing my characters because ( i know this sounds stupid ) its harder to animate sprites than it is to animate my own drawings simply b/c i cant make sprites do the things i want.

hey...we can dream :)


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2008-05-26 02:39:53

depends what kinda sprites your talking about, if you talkin about nes sprites then thats easily done on paint or somthing, its pixels after all, if your talking about the animated type then yer id say you need to do your own, if you mean sprites as in symbols then its a 2 way going.

Tootbook responds:

well yeah but its just time consuming and I'd rather just draw if i'm gonna be putting that much damn effort, its ff6 sprites from Super nintendo but still...idk in my personal opinion its easier to make drawings do what you want compared to fucking with pixles

watch just one of my movies if you need an example :o


2008-08-10 09:24:44



2008-08-10 12:12:07

Sprites are the tool of Gods!