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mmmmmmm my weinerz hahhhrd

Yoshi-1up responds:

I know!

Wow i forgot how good you were, damn dude so much effort was put into this, makes me feel bad about mine. Only thing I can suggest next time is split it up into multiple parts add a scene select, its hard to maintain peoples attention for as long as the movie went on.

The Kefka fight was absolutely beautiful and the backgrounds were amazing. If you're still alive out there hit me up i'm trying to get back into this old hobby and I would definately use any sprite sheets you have

wow man

I really liked this, glad it got front paged so i could see it

vlc for the win, it already is the best media player XD

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I want to get to #1 but i like my score being 4 6s lol

I had fun though spent like 2 hours on it

i'm jealous

I was going to make an AA game because i figured the engine would be simple enough action script..but never did get around to it

bravo ( i'm stuck on the first cross examination though :( )

god that song was cool

lol good job this game kicks ass, i thought it was gonna suck when i saw the drawings but the smoothness and game itself made up for it

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Wow man

This is great work, the beat, the lyrics..really everything about it is just amazing. This is a song i would actually put on my mp3 player and listen to on my free time

and a smile comes to my face everytime i hear "this is the vistigator" :D



Vinstigator responds:

I just had to add "This is the Vinstigator" for the people who weren't sure it was me. Believe it or not everytime I show people my songs they're like "that does not sound like you... damn that's really good". And I still can't believe that this is MY song. That I can actually make money off of it. I mean, it sounds better than half the shit we hear on the radio and the hook is very catchy. Anyway stay tuned for my upcoming songs, this is just a taste of what I'm capable of.


God I love that song...hearing it bleeped is so fucking funny


Good job :D keep em coming timithiim

Hinarf responds:

Hey tye, FUCK YOU!

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Jsp dudes, I want to

lincoln ne

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