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I am losing my internet BUT!...

2009-07-28 17:12:11 by Tootbook

I am very happy to announce the progress on the series is going very well. My next submission will be the last one done with sprites, I am currently impoving my drawing abilities and I am very excited about whats to come next.

I will keep you updated but dont expect the flash to be out for a while because of my internet I still have about 9-10 minutes of action to do but i'm cleaning up a lot of the buggy parts in it and if everything goes well i'm hoping for an early november release.


-toots :)


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2009-08-05 23:52:54

Yay I hope you start making flashes again. I liked your flashes like 5 years ago. It's ok if no one knows you anymore but if you make one good flash people will start cheering for you again. I know you can do it =D

Tootbook responds:

the fucked up thing is everytime i think i've got a golden opportunity to start again something goes wrong. in this instance i got a full time job and i cant stand to spend the only two days i have off work in this shitfuck tiny town.