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Yayyyyyyyyyyy ( i'm not dead! )

2008-03-24 22:03:51 by Tootbook

Hooray! I just finished recording a bunch of FF sound effects ( seriously it took me about 2 1/2 hours to do ) mainly it took so long b/c i had to download a bunch of updates for my fried ass computer. But luckly i still have most of my old flashes, still pissed b/c i lost a good 3 minutes of movie. But oh well thats not really to important.

I am getting better and i've been learning new techniques. I'm almost completely ready to start this flash project up again. For a while i was just considering not finishing the series but i realized i could just cut out a lot of the storylilne so you guys didnt get bored and lose interest ( like you havent already XD ) i know i've been absent for a couple of years but since i really do have alllll the free time in the world i'm going to continue making flash.

on a unrelated topic I got my GED and i'm going to college this summer ( yay for toot! )

keep an eye out....flashes ARE coming

Yayyyyyyyyyyy ( i'm not dead! )


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2008-03-31 03:59:30

I'm looking forward to seeing some new stuff from you.

Tootbook responds:

Woah dude I didnt think you used newgrounds anymore :o